Product Manager

Creator of tvcharts.co

My experience in product management is with startups and teams building SaaS, Apps, and Web-based products.

Human Swiss Army Knife

My journey from engineer to product manager has been challenging, like solving a series of puzzles.

And I freaking love puzzles, brain teasers, or any type of thought experiment!

As a product manager, I’ve learned that the first step to solve any type of complex problem is to realize one exists in the first place.

Wearing many hats for product, engineering, and marketing over the last 20 years has given me great insights on how people think and use products. I’ve spent years working closely with customers on delivering happiness. I am also very technical working with engineers due to my background in web development and running a digital marketing agency I co-founded.

Under my experience I’ve included the recent projects I’ve worked on. My goal is to showcase how I’ve been involved in areas of product management and user experience, such as:

Product Strategy

Working with stakeholders to identify user and business problems or to improve product-market fit

Product Management

Creating product roadmaps and user stories with functional engineering requirements for agile workflows

User Experiences

Collecting surveys, monitoring signals, and testing usability. Developing UIs with user-centric design patterns

My experience working on products in tech

Did you notice a recent gap in employment? See what I've done since Oct 2021

Q4 2021 — I worked with a Senior Engineer at Apple to build an app for Lamborghini Club America which generated $1.5M in revenue for our sponsor.

Currently, I am exploring opportunities to join a team as a product manager as well as sharpening my PM skills with Udemy courses, reading books, and working on my side hustle: tvcharts.co

Head of Product

Prox.io [Marketplace, Startup, Seed Funding]
Sept 2020 - Oct 2021

  • Worked with CEO on vision and collected early-adopter feedback to develop product roadmap and UI / UX for go-to-market strategy
  • Led change from overseas development agency to an in-house team of 3 full-time engineers and launched marketplace MVP in 3 months
  • Created onboarding process which doubled marketplace liquidity
  • Managed agile and QA using Kanban shipping updates monthly
  • Developed custom Figma library resulting in faster UI prototyping
Product Manager, Web

Canto [SaaS, B2B, Digital Asset Management]
2014 - 2020

  • Led roadmap for reducing website load times by 4x which increased SEO rank in highly competitive keywords resulting in 100K+ MAU
  • Key member of transition team to SaaS product driving  $10M+ ARR
  • Launched automated trials increasing leads and sales conversions
  • Product Owner of WordPress plugin which generates high-valued leads
  • Introduced Martech stack which increased marketing conversion rates
Co-Founder / Lead Web Developer

Comatica [Digital marketing agency]
2010 - 2014

  • Worked with clients to develop apps, websites, and demand-gen marketing solutions
  • Clients: Lexus, Lamborghini, Laguna Design Center, South Coast Plaza, and SMBs
  • Co-founded with my now wife Joy Loo, together we created Serata Italiana
My projects and side hustles
Product Manager, eCommerce

Lamborghini Club America [A "nights and weekends" project]
2012 - Current

  • Launched subscription product and app that increased revenue by 300%
  • Developed a CRM of Lamborghini owners with lead nurturing that generated over $2M in 2021 for sponsors and brand partners
Creator and Product Owner

tvcharts.co [My pandemic project and support of internet culture]
2020 - Current

Examples my product management experience on recent projects

The places my wife and I have been digital nomads over the last decade

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