Product Manager

Creator of tvcharts.co

My experience in product management is with startups and teams building SaaS, Apps, and Web-based products.

Human Swiss Army Knife

My journey from engineer to product manager has been challenging, like solving a series of puzzles.

And I freaking love puzzles, brain teasers, or any type of thought experiment!

Wearing many hats for product, engineering, and marketing over the last 20 years has given me great insights on how people think and use products. I’ve spent years working closely with customers on delivering results, but also enjoy getting technical working with engineers and data scientists.

Senior Product Manager

Hearth [SaaS, Fintech, B2B2C]
May 2022 - Current

  • Managed cross-functional agile team (eng, devops, data, design, and marketing); increased release velocity within 2 quarters
  • Owned CRM roadmap features, also launched Lead capture and Bulk Import which resulted in 10% lift in engagement within 2 quarters
  • PM with most customer ‘ride alongs’; gained insights and validated feedback
Head of Product

Prox.io [Marketplace, Startup, Seed Funding]
Sept 2020 - Oct 2021

  • Implemented onboarding for marketplace supplier signups which doubled new user activation
  • Launched a marketplace (0-1); collected early-adopter feedback to develop roadmap and GTM strategy (co-founders ‘broke up’/ abandoned)
Growth Product Manager

Canto [SaaS, B2B, Digital Asset Management]
2014 - 2020

  • Led roadmap for reducing website load times by 4x which increased SEO rank in highly competitive keywords resulting in 100K+ MAU
  • Key member of transition team to SaaS product driving  $10M+ ARR
  • Launched automated trials with lead nurturing, decreasing CAC by 10%
  • Product Owner of WordPress plugin which generates high-valued leads
Co-Founder / Lead Web Developer

Comatica [Digital marketing agency]
2010 - 2014

  • Worked with clients to develop apps, websites, and demand-gen marketing solutions
  • Clients: Lexus, Lamborghini, Laguna Design Center, South Coast Plaza, and SMBs
  • Co-founded with my now wife Joy Loo, together we created Serata Italiana
My projects and side hustles
Product Manager, eCommerce

Lamborghini Club America [A "nights and weekends" project]
2012 - Current

  • Launched subscription product and app, resulted in 3x revenue in 2 years
  • Launched membership app which generated $1.5M in revenue for our sponsor
  • Developed a CRM of Lamborghini owners with lead nurturing that generated over $2M in 2021 for sponsors and brand partners
Creator and Cheerleader

tvcharts.co [My pandemic project and support of internet culture]
2020 - Current

  • 10k MAU with $0 of marketing; 70% traffic from organic search
  • Read more about my journey creating tvcharts.co

Examples my product management experience on recent projects

The places my wife and I have been digital nomads over the last decade

Life is short and the world is big
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